Wrap up Rock Cycle Unit: Week of 2/26

Monday Work on Earth’s Crust Model Project Work on Review Sheet HW – complete review sheet and study for test! Tuesday/Wednesday Review Sheet Due Unit 6 Rock Cycle Test! Continuing working on Project If finished – complete reading/questions on Plate Tectonics Thursday/Friday Complete Project! Due at the end of class. Introduction to Plate Tectonics

Rock Cycle: Week of 2/12

Tuesday/Wednesday Cornell Notes 3 Types of Rocks Rock Cycle Diagram Bill Nye Rocks and Soil┬áVideo and WS Rock Cartoon/comic HW: Read Ch. 8 (all 4 sections, by next Tuesday/Wednesday!) No work due from it, but please be sure you read it all! Thursday/Friday Cornell Notes – Weathering, Erosion, Deposition – CrashCourseKids Bill Nye Erosion Video and notes Rock Cycle Gizmo …