Faces of Earth – Shaping the Planet

Plate Tectonics in Action! Stream from 2 options: (higher quality) HUB –> Science –> Discovery Education –> Search “faces of earth shaping the planet”. OR youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yWezU1P6dM0

Plate Tectonics Review Week of 3/26

Monday/Tuesday Review Plate Tectonics and make flash cards for the following terms: 1.Convergent: Ocean – Continent 2.Convergent: Continent – Continent 3.Divergent 4.Transform 5.Subduction Zone 6.Trench 7.Mid – Ocean Ridge 8.Mountains 9.Fault 10.Ring of Fire Include on each card:  –Include definition / explanation in your own words (what is it and how is it formed?) –a picture –example. HW – Ch …

Plate Tectonics and Geological Events Week of 3/19

Monday/Tuesday Plate Tectonics Webquest due Plate Tectonics Gizmo/quiz Geological Events Brainpop Assignment Wednesday Complete Geological Events Brainpop Assignment Plate Tectonics 8th grade extension Thursday A1 and A3 have practice STAAR A4 – Complete Geological Events Brainpop Assignment Friday Plate Tectonics 8th grade extension

Plate Tectonics

Monday/Tuesday Complete presentations. Introduction to Plate Tectonics Unit Building Pangea Gizmo + quiz HW – complete gizmo and quiz at home if needed. Wednesday/Thursday Plate Tectonics Brainpop Assignment View video and define pangea and plate tectonics in your ISN. Plate Tectonics Webquest @ https://www.learner.org/interactives/dynamicearth/structure/ HW – Complete Gizmo and Quiz if needed Friday – complete any work that is not yet completed. Watch …

Wrap up Rock Cycle Unit: Week of 2/26

Monday Work on Earth’s Crust Model Project Work on Review Sheet HW – complete review sheet and study for test! Tuesday/Wednesday Review Sheet Due Unit 6 Rock Cycle Test! Continuing working on Project If finished – complete reading/questions on Plate Tectonics Thursday/Friday Complete Project! Due at the end of class. Introduction to Plate Tectonics