Kingdoms of Life Research Foldable

Reference: BrainPop Videos, Blog, Sciencesaurus pp. 152 – 162, other reliable online resources

Ex. 6 kingdoms reproductionKingdoms classification

Your mission:  To create a neat and decorative (that means colored with pictures) foldable that includes information on the 6 Kingdoms of Life.

  1. Make your foldable using 4 sheets of printer paper and fold like we did for the homeostasis foldable. See the example.
  2. The first flap will be your title page (1) and you will label the next 6 flaps for each kingdom: Archaebacteria (2), Eubacteria (3), Protista(4), Fungi (5), Animalia(6), and Plantae(7) (these are the original Latin names) and the last flap is the Glossary (8)

You must include the following terms in the glossary and complete this section FIRST!!!

  • Eukaryotes
  • Prokaryotes
  • Autotroph
  • Heterotroph
  • Unicellular
  • Multicellular
  • Vertebrates
  • Invertebrates
  • Vascular plants
  • Non-vascular plants
  1. For each kingdom/flap include the following:
    1. Cell Type: eukaryote or prokaryote
    2. Number of cells: unicellular or multicellular
    3. Source of energy/food: autotroph or heterotroph
    4. Type of reproduction: sexual or asexual
    5. Other important or interesting characteristics/facts (you should have something here for each kingdom)
    6. Examples: At least 2 representative examples with colored illustrations (you may include more if the kingdom is especially diverse)

You may have a quiz over this next class!!

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