Cells & Classification: Week of 4/30


  1. Review
  2. Cells Test
  3. Classification Brainpop Assignment


  1. Complete Classification Brainpop Assignment
  2. 6 Kingdoms Brainpop Assignment
  3. Watch the 3 videos below and answer the following questions in your notebook in pg. 144.

The Domains of Life, Video #1

1.  The basic three groups living organisms are classified in are called _________.

2. Organisms are placed in one of these three groups based on their _________.

3. List the three broad groups of life.


Watch video #2 above and answer the following questions in your ISN:

  1. What are the three domains of life?
  2. What category do the individual organisms that we can see with our naked eye fall into?
  3. What is an extremophile? What domain is known for these organisms? (Note: recent work has shown that extremophiles are not the only members of this domain.)
  4. How do Archaea and Bacteria differ? How are they the same?
  5. Which domain of life seems to be absent for deep-subsurface communities?


Watch video #3 above and take notes on the difference between Archaea, Bacteria and Eukarya in your notebook.

Take Review Quiz: Here


Extra Video: