Mineral ID and Earth’s Crust: Week of 2/19


  1. Complete Rock Cycle Gizmo and Diagram
  2. BrainPop Activity on Rocks, Rock Cycle, and Mineral Identification (Take Cornell Notes on pg. 109 on Mineral, Hardness, Luster, Streak, Cleavage and Fracture)
  3. Layers of Earth’s Crust: Notes/diagrams from this link. Define in Cornell Notes format on pg. 111 of your ISN: Oceanic Crust, Continental Crust, Lithosphere, Asthenosphere, Convection Currents.
  4. Answer the 4 questions at the bottom of the website on pg. 110 in your ISN.
  5. HW – Complete reading Ch. 8 by next class!


  1. Complete Notes on Earth’s Crust
  2. Review activities on Erosion and Rock Cycle
  3. Work on review sheet.
  4. Brainstorm ideas for Layers of Earth’s Crust 3D Model project using household items! – Start bringing in materials.
  5. HW- Bring in Materials for project. Start studying  for test next week! Tuesday/Wednesday!


  1. Work on Layers of Earth’s Crust 3D Model Due Th. 3/1 and Fri. 3/2
  2. HW – study for Unit 6 test next week! Tuesday/Wednesday! 2/27 and 2/28


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